Is it really possible to earn income from blogging? Seriously, can one actually make a good living from blogging? The answer to these questions is a big fat YES.

Okay, in this post I will basically tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about blogging. Currently, the internet is bursting at the seams with people claiming that you can make millions and millions of dollars through blogging – that is, if they purchase a particular product or service to help them rake-in the cash.

On the other hand, there are people who write about just how impossible it is to make money through blogging. Many of these writers even go on to say that anyone who claims to make money blogging full time is a cheat, a liar, scam artiste or is simply selling a product or service on the subject of making cash online.

Here some things that you need to know about making money from blogging:

It is Possible to Make Money Blogging

If you are patient, you will realize that you can make money from your blog. There are bloggers who started out small, and have gone on to become full time bloggers earning six figures monthly. Some bloggers even employ other people to work for them.


Some people start to earn money from their blog in as little as 5 months – thanks to the many monetizing opportunities available to bloggers in this internet age.


There is Actually no Single Way to Monetize Your Blog

Most of the successful bloggers out there are actually full time bloggers, and they monetize their blog differently. They do everything from selling ads, to selling e-books, to creating membership areas, to promoting offline businesses, to running affiliate programs, to marketing themselves as inspirational speakers, to even having publishing deals etc.  Please know that many successful bloggers have a combination of several income streams.


There are several ways to monetize your blog:

  • Selling ad space
  • Provide virtual or physical products and/or services
  • Syndication
  • Affiliate marketing



There are NO Set Formulas!

The internet is filled with people selling “Quick Formulas” that will help you get rich in an instant…hmm, then pigs can fly!


When it comes to blogging, it is important that you do not get suckered into the whole “Get Rich” scheme that many people are selling out there. These so–called gurus claim to have the magic formula that will help you succeed as a blogger, if only you just follow a step by step guide in their e-book or special 3 in 1 CDs – yeah right.


There is simply no set FORMULA!


Every successful blogger you meet will tell you a different story of how they became successful. Well known bloggers have forged their own path to being where they are. The only thing that successful bloggers have in common is the fact that they remained “Persistent”.


Remember, each blogger has a different target audience, and every niche monetizes differently. You can learn from what other successful bloggers in your niche are doing and use it as a sort of guide to help you build your blog. It is important that you also forge your own path.


Several Niches Monetize

There is an erroneous belief among some people that the only those who blog about making money online are the only ones who earn a substantial revenue with their blogging activities.


This is far from the truth.


You can make money blogging about everyday topics such as relationships, parenting, career advancement, personal development.


A Lot of Bloggers Do Not Make a Full-time Living from Their Blogging Activities

Agreed, not everyone starts a blog with the sole aim of making money. As a matter of fact, some people choose to blog and pass on their wealth of knowledge without the thought of monetizing their blog. The number of bloggers who earn money from their blogging acti8vities is on the rise, but the truth is that most bloggers do not make much money from blogging.



Building Your Blog Takes Time

Yes, some people are raking in the cash with their blog, but it is important to understand that these bloggers have invested the time and effort to build their blog from scratch. 85 percent of successful bloggers have actually been blogging for a minimum of 4 years or longer, while others have been blogging for 3 years or less.


There are bloggers who have spent a whole year blogging without making a single cent and when they started monetizing their blog, they gradually started earning a few cents to turning their blogging activities to a full-time endeavor. It is possible to earn $10,000 per month with your blog, but you will need to ensure that you invest the time and the effort.


Please know that blogging for money is far from a get-rich-quick scheme. You will need to take some time to build your personal brand, earn the trust of your readers and build a good reputation. Even if you have been blogging for 4 or 5 years, this does not guarantee that you will earn a decent income.


Blogging is a Lot of Work

Longevity is far from being the main key to having a profitable blog. Most full-time bloggers display a common trait. They are people who do not wait for things to happen, they take swift action. Blogging and passivity are like oil and water, they do not mix!

Most make-money-through-blogging products talk about making passive income with blogging. There is a lot of work involved when it comes to building a profitable blog, so do not let someone fool you into thinking that you can make money from blogging passively.


It takes a lot of work to create content that people will want to read on a daily basis. So, you need to know what is happening in the community and also monitor the business side of your blog while you are at it.


As you now know, blogging takes a lot of work; the secret is building a blog that connects with your readers.

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As a blogger, the main thing on your mind is to drive traffic to your blog. If you write articles of the best quality and there is not one single person to read them, then you are simply wasting your time. Facebook offers a remarkable opportunity to direct traffic to your blog and boost your article readership.

Here’s how you can use some common Facebook marketing tactics to drive lots of free traffic to your blog.

Make Your Images Bigger

Facebook posts that feature images are known to get about 120 percent more engagement than posts without pictures. When you make your pictures more prominent, you can count on getting comments, shares and likes – and of course, click-throughs.

Make Your Updates Short and Sweet

The aim here is to drive traffic to your blog, which be text-rich. But on Facebook, you will need to use witty, short updates in order to get people engaged, and get click-throughs. Preferably, keep your update to just one sentence and under 150 character count.


When creating text for your Facebook marketing, you need to keep in mind that a lot of your readers use Facebook on their mobile devices as well. So, ensure that your blog updates are clear, short and contains intriguing teasers for your blog content.


Ask Questions

You do not need to have a degree to know that asking questions invoke an answer naturally. You can use questions to strategically encourage click-through actions from your target audience. You should make your question short, intriguing and witty. Be sure to keep your readers in mind and make certain that your questions are related back to your blog page. You can ask different types of questions from personal views, trivia, fill in the blank etc.


Valuable tips for asking questions on Facebook:

  • Keep your questions easy to read, short, relevant to your fan page and witty. It is also advisable to use the word “your” and “you”.
  • Ask question in different ways, from trivia, opinion getting, to questions aimed at solving problems
  • Use questions that invoke curiosity to get sharing, click-through and/or commenting actions.

Give Readers a Feel of Your Blog

By using a short quote taken from your blog, you can give your target audiences a feel of what they are missing if they do not visit your blog. Use a fascinating quote from one of your blog posts. Quotes are among some of the most shared things on Facebook and other social networks like Twitter. If one of your Facebook connections shares your update, he or she more likely have clicked-through to your blog.


Search for a quote in your article that is straight to the point and gives a flavor of your blog’s powerful contents. Make it more personalized by including your images or images that are relevant to the blog title.


Share Valuable How-to or Lifestyle Blog Posts

You need to understand that your Facebook connections are generally not interested in being sold products or services. They simply want you to help improve their lives, and validate their sense of community on the Facebook. Quite honestly, Facebook is actually a place where people go to in order to connect with friends. As a smart blogger, and business minded person, you need to post tips to help people improve their life, inspire or encourage them.


When you create a how to or lifestyle blog post, do not hesitate to share it on Facebook.


Here are valuable tips for sharing How-to ad Lifestyle Blog Posts

  • Make use of pronouns like your, us, you in order to create a great sense of community among readers.
  • Include questions like asking your connections for their honest advice or tips – after you have posted the article links
  • Use how-to and lifestyle content to share a little bit more than just the products and or services you offer with your Facebook connections.



Host Interesting Contests on your Blog

Another effective way of generating traffic to your blog is by creating highly interactive content such as contests. Then use Facebook in order to promote the contest. Your connections on Facebook want to connect with your brand, and the best way to connect with them is by hosting interesting Facebook contests. It is important that you learn how to switch up your marketing strategy to boost your site traffic. You can also host these fun contests on your blog. Ensure your contests are sharable.


Share the Blog Content of Others

You may think that it is counterproductive to share the blog posts of others, but you will be happy to know that sharing the blog content of others is actually a strategy that will boost your website traffic. The idea of social media is to get people to share! So, sharing content from well known industry leaders and other reputable sources will help you make your brand appear more social. Your Facebook connections will also appreciate the informative content that you provide and will likely share the content with their own group of friends as well.


Utilize Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads will help you reach your target audiences and Facebook connections. You can use Facebook ads to get people to see your blog updates and increase traffic to your blog. You can utilize `targeted Facebook ads in order to reach Facebook users within your interests and niche demographics.

Ads placed on Facebook do not have to be pricey for the return on investment that you get. You can decide to go with the pay-per-click (PPC) option – this way, you will only get to pay for the ads when visitors click-through to your blog. You must target the ads to reach your target audiences.


There is no doubt that Facebook is an amazing social website on which you can promote and drive traffic to your blog.  With the aforementioned tips, you are now armed with marketing tactics to drive traffic to your blog.

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Article marketing is simply the art of writing articles and submitting them to article directories on the internet where they are bound to get adequate exposure. The major purpose of article marketing is to get targeted traffic to your site. One of the great things about article marketing is its simplicity. You only have to write articles, submit them and expect to get traffic to your blog. Then of course, there are other factors to consider, such as utilizing the right keywords or key phrases and converting visitors to your blog to loyal readers/customers.

Why Use Article Marketing?

It is a very effective way to drive traffic to your blog, especially if you are promoting your own products and/or services. For example, if you have a review on your blog about an anti-wrinkle cream, and you know for a fact that you convert 1 in 50 visitors to your blog. So, if you can create and submit more articles, making a daily sale will be a piece of cake. If you work with companies that offer recurring commissions on each product that is purchased, this means that you can count on getting commissions for a really long time.

When you are new to all of this, you may find it quite hard to build traffic or guest post, but article marketing is one of the easiest ways to get visitors to your blog.

4-Step Procedure to Making Article Marketing Work for You

Article marketing is a process that will work for you – that is, if you are ready to work really hard. Even if you are completely new to article marketing, if you work hard, you can count on succeeding. The process of article marketing is quite simple, as you are about to learn.


  1. Just Write

Start by writing a short article around 300 to 400 words. Ensure that you go straight to the heart of the matter. When you start with short length articles, you will be able to write as many articles as possible. With the passage of time, your writing will improve, and you will be able to write lengthy articles within a short frame of time.


Do not try to be a perfectionist when writing your articles, as it may slow you down, just use correct spelling and simple grammar structure, and you will be good to go. As long as your articles are approved and they are of great quality, then you are doing just fine.


You may also need to find out more about keywords and key phrases, and how you can use them in your articles. Keywords are very important for search engine optimization (SEO). If you strategically include keywords into your articles, your target audiences will be able to find you faster among the sea of article submitted to article directories.


  1. Submit Your Articles

After writing your articles, submit it to well known article directories like EzineArticles, or other considerably popular directories. Most bloggers claim that they get the best results from EzineArticles, maybe it is because this directory has been around for a really long time, and it is visited by over 20 million people every day.



  1. Build Traffic – Keep Writing!

On EzineArticles, each article is read and approved by human editors, and these editors are increasing their standards on a daily basis – this is why Google loves them. As soon as your article goes live, you will start to get traffic to your website or blog. The traffic may not be much at first, but if you keep writing and submitting articles, this will lead to more traffic. As you continue to write, you will notice that you are getting faster and better.


  1. Convert Your Traffic – Very Important

If you are an online marketer, the most important thing you must do is to convert your traffic. Converting them could be anything from getting them to sign up for a product or service, become a subscriber, buy an affiliate product or even buy your consulting services. You will need to ensure that you figure out exactly what your visitors like or do not like.


The best way you can do this is take a few minutes of your time to look at how your blog is set up. Identify possible problems, then go on to educate the visitor on what will work for them and what they should stay away from. Then, make a recommendation.


If you are an affiliate marketer, it is always better for you to promote products/and or services that you have actually used yourself. For example, if you promote a beauty product such as certain cosmetics, your visitors may be more willing to purchase the product if they see a picture of you wearing the product and it looks fetching on you. Think about it, why purchase a product from someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue as to how the product works? Choose a product that you truly like, and never underestimate the power of honesty.


Getting Started

Once you clearly understand what you want to do with your traffic, then it is very easy for you to get started. Simply sign-up with a well known article directory, and you start writing and submitting your articles.


You need to remember that this is not overnight process. You will need to tell yourself to be consistent and have a simple routine. You can see good results within one year if you can stick to writing and submitting 3 to 5 articles each day.


The sad truth is that a lot of people fail online; this is simply because they want overnight success. The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary. You can expect success when you have put in the work. Successful bloggers always recommend that you find what you are really passionate about prior to starting your blog, that way, you will always have some sort of motivation to keep you going.

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Are you are a professional blogger or you just think that blogging cute, and you want to give it a go? That is the question that you will need to ask yourself when seriously fiddling with free or paid blogs or websites.

Wait A Minute, What is the Difference?

Okay, let’s simply define the two:

Free Blogging Platform

Most blogging networks on the internet offer a free version; which is a good thing for newbie bloggers who are interested in dipping their toes into the lake of blogging. However, the free version provides you with limited choice in templates. The great thing about free blogging platforms is that you can set up your blog in jiffy.

There comes a time when you will need your blog to look and feel different – now, this is the part where you need a website design that will meet your long-term blogging goals. It is important that you consider investing in quality hosting, and get some help with SEO and blog design.


Paid Blogging Platform

Although paid hosting will look pretty much the same as free blogging platforms, but with paid hosted platforms, you can count on getting more SEO options and branding. You will need to invest a little capital, usually around $100 to $200 per years. The good thing about paid hosted platforms is that you can count on getting some support – providers of hosted platform will assist you in setting up your products.


Now, this is the part where you say “which platform is most suitable for me?”  Seasoned and successful bloggers typically recommend the paid blogging platform, especially if you are serious about creating a strong brand.


Must I Worry about Branding? What’s so Great about a Blog URL Anyway?

Being able to brand your business or yourself is one of the major and important reasons to choose a paid hosting blog platform. You have really hard to gradually build your brand, market your business or write and publish your book. You should take every chance you get to direct potential business back to your brand by name.


Seriously, would you consider giving the address to your residence as:

  • Green house
  • Some place in the Western Sky
  • Sugarland, Texas


So, you should not give the address (URL) to your blog with such generality. It can be very confusing, hard to communicate and will utterly fail to effectively identify the brand you have worked hard to build.


Your blog URL (aka address) will look a look a lot like this with free blog hosting:



News flash! That is definitely not going to build your brand.


With a paid hosted website, you will be able to brand your company. So, it is important that you choose a domain name that is memorable and will leave a strong impact.


Your blog URL will look something like this with a paid blog hosting platform (depending on your chosen domain name):




Using a paid blogging platform is a great way to brand your blog.



How Free is Free?

Although blogging platforms are absolutely free to download, these platforms also offer an inexhaustible list of gizmos and widgets; however, you will get to point where you will be overwhelmed with configurations and integrations of the system. That is not all, you will be spending a huge chunk of your valuable time and getting very little benefit – the worst part is that you will also be unwittingly damaging your ability to be found by top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN and almighty Google because they notice newbie website errors.


It does make sense to consider choosing a blogging platform that offers a long term website strategy, where you can count on getting help to customize your blog theme, configure advanced plug-ins and also integrate a gallery or shopping cart. The costs for customized work can be anywhere between a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.


Caveat Emptor (Buyers Beware)!

You will want to ensure that the website designer is more than capable to provide you with the blog of your dreams. Some website designers have awesome aesthetics but blow-it when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) skills. Other designers have backend configurations down to a science, but may not provide you with the “look” you are aiming for. The best thing is to find a designer that offers the whole package.


Think Long-term When You Are in the Blogging Business

Most search optimization experts will encourage you to use paid-hosted blogging platforms – they would not encourage prospective bloggers to use a paid hosting option if they were not convinced that the bloggers will get better results if they do.


Investing in a paid hosted blogging website will help you in the following ways:

  • Build your brand name on your domain
  • Get access to SEO and customization codes
  • Get different types of customizable themes to give your blog the look and feel that matches your identity and/or brand
  • Offer you the opportunity to integrate customized widgets, gallery, affiliate marketing opportunities and shopping cart.
  • Offer you the opportunity to conveniently build back-links to your brand domain name, thereby building a search engine authority.



Below are blogging websites that are known to convert well from free to paid hosting.



  • It is easy to customize your blog and widgets
  • The content is easily indexed by search engines


Snag: fiddling with the coding and HTML and doing a poor job can affect your blog greatly.



  • All you need to do is a little configuration in order to get started
  • Dashboard is user-friendly and is easy to navigate
  • Get professional-looking themes to give your brand a polished look



  • Configuring pages is easy with drag-and-drop menu
  • No coding and HTML required. Great for technically challenged bloggers
  • Provides a paid-for monthly subscription to give you access to reports and advanced features.


Free Advice: you will need to make up your mind as to how serious you are about your online marketing and goals. Yes, there is certainly a place on the internet for free blogging platforms. As soon as you get some experience, and have clarified your online marketing strategy, you will need to take the next step.



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